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Via Innovia facilitates innovation processes in the field of Material Science & Technology by:

Via Innovia gives Technological Support in Purchase Projects as part of innovation processes by:

Core Competence

Material Science & Technology is the core competence of Via Innovia. In-depth expertise in this field allows implementing new and ingenious ideas in industry within the constraints of capital, time and know-how. 20 years of experience in Research, Development & Technology, Product Development, Implementation of knowledge into industry, Management, and Policy in Strategy & Change helps to get to the heart of the problem, and unleash creativity and support where it will have greatest value.
When Surface Technology & Engineering, Tribology and Lubricant technology are relevant, Via Innovia works closely together with Falex Tribology in Belgium. Falex Tribology - joint venture of the Falex Corporation (USA) and the K.U. Leuven - specialises in industrial services in the field of Tribology, Surface Technology, and Material Science. Falex Tribology has its own test laboratory with high quality equipment and has extensive experience in developing industrial test strategies and procedures.
The close relationship between Via Innovia, Falex Tribology, and Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of the K.U. Leuven assures a convenient access to a wide range of test and characterisation equipment as well as expertise and know-how.
Via Innovia has an extensive and growing network.

Who do we work for

Industrial sectors Via Innovia advises are: